In the middle of October I was told to lay off running, to lay off just about anything strenuous on my right leg for six weeks. The detail is in October’s run note. So November has been a waiting game, an observation game, a little trial game.

In November I can count the runs on one hand: One on Saturday 21 November, the second on Sunday 29 November. Both were trial sessions, a week apart, to see how the injured area feels. Both had a warm up walk for about ten minutes down to the canal, then 10 repetitions of 1 minute of gentle running and 1 minute of walking, followed by a cool down walk back up the hill. And both were had strong ABORT mechanisms if anything didn’t feel right. The first I could feel a slight dull pain in my leg, but nothing really notable. The second run even less so. It felt like progress. I have a third similar run lined up later this week, see how that goes. …


Simon Wilson

Independent strategist, designer and team builder. Previously: Agency land big cheese; Senior designer at HMRC, DWP, and NHS Jobs; Design lead on #NHSbeta.

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