Digital transformation isn’t about making websites.

It isn’t just about “putting the forms online”.

It isn’t just about “putting the forms online” and leaving the rest of the user journey, the service untouched.

It isn’t about accepting, about allowing an oligopoly of a service to excuse “something is better than nothing”.

It is about expectancy. It is about moving towards what people expect from services as normal, everyday.

And we live in a world where things move fast, things happen fast, things progress fast.

Digital transformation is about transformation full stop.

When you’re behind already you’ve gotta catch up. You’ve got to be, you’ve got to keep things simple, clear, fast.

Reached this point thinking “That’s obvious, that”? You’re right. It is. But that doesn’t mean the obvious is always in sight, let alone done.

My good friend Phil Jefferies frequently says “There is nothing that the application of logic cannot solve.”

If you’re involved with transformation do the obvious: Be logical.

Transform, design based on the needs of those using the service you’re involved with. Don’t be selfish, don’t design driven by your your ego.

I’ve got a job for you: Deal in facts. Make your services as they are needed. Make it simple. Make it clear. Make it fast. Obvious, innit.

Originally published at on December 19, 2015.

Written by

Independent strategist, designer and team builder. Previously: Agency land big cheese; Senior designer at HMRC, DWP, and NHS Jobs; Design lead on #NHSbeta.

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