I walked past a bus stop in Leeds yesterday. The bus stop is at the south end of the city centre, just by Bridgewater Place.

Hung to the bus stop was this sign:

Image for post
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It reads:

Can passengers requesting a bus to stop for a journey please attract the driver’s attention for the bus you require.

Maybe I’ve got end of year or holiday period head fuzz, but I had to re-read the notice three times. I looked about and there was another copy of the sign.

I think the sign means:

Stick your hand out if a bus is coming you want to get on to.

I think.

It feels this sign could be written so it is clear to the reader, simple. Words matter, eh.

What do you think? What does the sign mean to you? Is the sign OK for you? Could it be better? How could it be better?

Independent strategist, designer and team builder. Previously: Agency land big cheese; Senior designer at HMRC, DWP, and NHS Jobs; Design lead on #NHSbeta.

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